a giaprey


5 ft.


120 lbs.


claws,teeth,ice spit

Giaprey is the name of a breed of Velociprey that calls the Snowy Mountains home. They have crystal blue scales with sky blue stripes. Although they are of a different species, White Velociprey have been seen in packs of Velociprey. Like all of the '-prey' family, this sub-species also fights in a pack, often alongside their leader, the Giadrome . They are a little stronger, physically and defensively, than the average Velociprey, and are noticeably tougher than their counterparts in battle. They also have an added ability to spit ice to attack hunters, and being able to freeze a hunter like Blangonga . Although stronger, they still have about the same accuracy. Sometimes when killed in mid-air or by specific attacks they, like all '-prey', may be divided into multiple pieces, disappearing in midair, leaving nothing to carve.

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