a gnaar


4 ft.


150 lbs.



Gnaars are bipedal, omnivorous mammals originating from the planet Sirius. They are not intelligent creatures, only useful after being trained by Mental for his army.The female Gnaar is larger and much more aggressive than its male counterpart and is recognised by its brown/grey colouring. Males, which are smaller and purple, are not as fast or powerful. Both genders feature a single large eye centred in the middle of their torso, just above the large gaping mouth that contains several rows of teeth.

Being omnivores, Gnaars will eat a range of items from garbage to rotting corpses, which leads them to develop a foul odour in their mouths. Their mouths are useless as a weapon, unable to bite effectively they rely on their oversized hands as a form of attack.Gnaars move around similar to apes, using their large upper arms and hands as a second set of legs, giving them a very good speed, even if it appears clumsy.they can also move around with their two legs just like humanoid. Some species of Gnaars have the ability to retract all their limbs and levitate.A walking Gnaar's attack consists only of throwing punches at its target. This attack is slow, easy to avoid.A levitating Gnaar's attack consists only of biting, which is functionally identical to the walking Gnaar's punches.

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