goa magara
Goa magara
a goa magara


8 ft.


1 ton.


claws,teeth,dragon virus

 it is shown that Goa Magara uses a new Dark element/status ailment called the Dragon Virus. Detail of this is unclear, but it seems to waft from Goa Magara's wings. It has two horns that erect when enraged, exposing a glowing purple patch of skin underneath. Since Goa Magara inhabits dark areas, this could be an adaption for living in low-light areas.The current list of monsters that its Dragon Virus infects are Tigrex , Congalala , Rathian , Kechawacha , Gypceros , Khezu and Velocidrome .

The Dragon Virus seems to resurrect fallen monster who are infected by it.Goa Magara has some common features of an Elder Dragon. In particular, having six limbs, including the wings on its back. It also has some features in common with the more advanced flying wyverns and, like Nargacuga , some of its scales, notably the ones on its wings, have turned into a fur-like substance.The purple coloured patch where its eyes should be resemble the patches on a Gigginox .

Goa Magara sees its prey by their body heat, similar to the Gigginox.

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