a gobul


10 ft.


800 lbs.



Gobul is a Leviathan that shows great resemblance to a puffer fish with the addition of retractable spikes, and an Angler Fish with its attractive lure

Gobul is often relatively passive until attacked. It spends most of its time lying under the river bed, exposing only its whiskers, to disguise itself as a common plant. During this hidden state, hunters can gather from it, but should be cautious, as this is used as a trap to lure prey. It can also be attacked when in this state. Sonic bombs can be used, in the same fashion as Diablos , to bring it out of hiding only when not inflated, doing so will give a small window of opportunity in which to attack the Gobul. While it tends to stay in the water, it does sometimes climb up on land, even if not chasing after prey.

When Gobul is under water and hidden in an area with a fishing spot, a Frog can be used to fish him out similar to fishing Plesioth . This causes it to flip over for about 15 seconds, after which it will continue the fight on land in the current area. Its attacks include: biting hunters with its huge mouth, "inflating" itself (exposing sharp spikes on its back) then rolling over hunters, swinging its large, needle-covered tail back and forth, inflicting paralysis, and an underwater "vacuum breath," with which it draws hunters in close to its mouth and bites down. Otherwise, Gobul may hide underground to leap out at a target or recover stamina. Its bioluminescent lure can also inflict KO status to the hunter, but can be broken just like the Gypceros ' crest. Its lure can be broken and tail cut off. When enraged, Gobul will stay inflated, and its spikes will remain visible.

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