a graveyard


5 ft.


110 lbs.



A Graveyard has two forms, one of which it is a jack-o'lantern. In this form, the upper half of the Heartless is an orange pumpkin with two spindly, black arms and a slender, tube-shaped body. This body has purple, white, and blue stripes, and is carries a small hatchet and a carving knife in its hands. The jack o' lantern has a jagged mouth, triangular nose, semi-circular eyes, and a curled stem. Two thin, black legs with worn, tan shoes sprout out of its underside, and the tips of the shoes curl upward.

It also has an alternate form, in which its upper half becomes a large, grey headstone. This headstone has a large, black section on its front, a design resembling a ghost near its top, and two bony, three-fingered hands crawling out of the dirt near its base. A crow is perched on the top of the headstone, and there is a tall, twisted, black fence behind it. Three white ghosts, each with glowing, yellow eyes and jagged mouths, fly around the Heartless in this form. The Graveyard's lower half in both forms is a tattered, grey and black box with a black and yellow spiral with a red outline on its front lower right corner. Its Heartless emblem is on the top of its lid. It is very similar to the Toy Soldier Heartless.

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