a gravios


17 ft.


1 ton.


claws,teeth,fire breath

Gravios is the mature form of Basarios . Easily one of the largest wyverns found , which may intimidate the inexperienced. Because of its weight, Gravios do not have a tendency to use flying as a method of travel like most other wyverns, instead they will walk from areas to areas, or swim through tunnels hidden under lava. Similar to Basarios, it only uses its wings to get out of trouble, like when the effect of Pitfall Trap has run out or when he has moved too far out of bounds. It can be found in the Volcano and Swamp. They are able to go in and out of lava without any damage done to them. Gravios eat rocks and minerals for their nutrients. Gravios' Japanese title (Armor Monster) refers to its incredibly hard hide.

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