great jaggi
First hunt monster 2
a great jaggi


6 ft.


1,000 lbs.



Great Jaggi is a relatively small Bird Wyvern found on the islands, forests, coasts, and anywhere else they can get meat, in Moga. They are leaders of their pack in whatever pack they dwell in. Great Jaggi often compete for leader of the pack, especially when young. When Jaggi get to an age where their sex hormones trigger puberty, they will leave the pack for some time, fighting to lead a new pack or take over an old one. Most often, Jaggia are also led by an alpha, though these have never been recorded. Their coloring (Jaggi) is purple and blue with a white underbelly and red stripes on top. If encountered, they're fairly deadly without proper armor, and you should keep your distance when not prepared. If prepared, they're an easy fight with easy money to be made.

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