great wroggi
Great wroggi
a great wroggi


7 ft.


700 lbs.


claws,teeth,poison spit

The Great Wroggi is a species of Bird Wyvern that is often seen inhabiting the Flooded Forest and Volcano. It is closely related to the Great Jaggi and Great Baggi. The most prominent feature of a Great Wroggi is its delicate, translucent sac-like organ around the neck. Because of its translucence, poison can be seen in the sac before it spews out as a toxic mist. The Great Wroggi has a slick salamander-like skin similar to the Iodrome , and, like its close relatives the Great Jaggi and Great Baggi, Great Wroggi are usually accompanied by a group of their smaller kin - in this case, Wroggi .

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