hebby repp
Hebby repp
a hebby repp


6 ft.


140 lbs.



The Hebby Repp is a creature that resembles a fusion of a snake and lizard. As a Spirit, it has a yellow head, with two pink spots, and open jaws, showing white, pointed teeth. It has black, squared eyes with pupils, that change color depending on its disposition, with a black line bisecting the pupils. The Spirit emblem is on its colourful underbelly, that is green, fading into orange, then purple, then sky-blue. Its back is dark-blue, but can be changed using Paint Guns. Its body ends in a coiling tail that is yellow, then purple, then blue, then finally green. It has two thin, dark-blue legs and it wears dark-blue and yellow shoes. Dark-blue spikes run down its tail, while purple spikes, outlined in sky-blue, run along its body, up to the head.

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