hunter elite
Hunter elite
a hunter elite


6 ft.


200 lbs.



The Hunter Elite was a large and formidable Bio Organic Weapon by Umbrella as part of their long-running Hunter line of B.O.W.s.The Elite model was modified and adjusted for showcase aboard the Spencer Rain, and was rendered more powerful than the standard hunter. The Elite represented the finest efforts by the remaining Umbrella researchers in Europe to develop a new hunter variation which surpasses the rest.

The Elite model is distinguished by its superior agility and attack power over past hunters, requiring larger amounts of ammunition to be taken out due to their more resilient nature. Oddly, one hand was bare while the other had a claw, possibly to climb to flat surfaces. This may be a downfall as it can't swipe with both hands, possibly forcing it to target one target at a time. A general tactic to destroy this hunter type was to strike with a destructive ammo such as .50 cal or buckshot shotgun shells, which would cause the elite hunter to fall on its back, opening its head and chest to weapon fire.

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