insane cancer
Insane cancer
an insane cancer


7 ft.


200 lbs.



 Insane Cancers are enormous, obese humanoids with great strength.The name Insane Cancer is derived from its outward appearance being suggestive of a cancerous mass. They are almost completely covered with fatty, cancerous-looking bulbous flesh, with pus-like excretions oozing from open sores. Their heads aren't very distinct, being small bulbs with a wound-like opening as their only feature.

Much like Closers , they often block off portions of the environment with their sheer mass. They attack by swinging their fat, claw-tipped arms and throwing themselves on top of you, although they usually move slowly, shifting their weight back and forth, they will sometimes run towards you and knock you down with a very surprising speed. Normally, it's best to avoid these monsters and look for a safe way around them, however, their size may block the path and force you to fight them. If this happens, the Shotgun or a strong and quick melee weapon will be very useful. They are usually found laying down or sleeping, and this is how they regenerate their health. It's also the time you can only do minimal damage to them. They will "deflate" after dying, which is the only way to make sure they are dead and not just resting

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