an invisible


10 ft.


160 lbs.



The Invisibles, at first glance, appear to be quick-moving shadows , but a closer inspection reveals more than a strong resemblance to Darkside , including black skin, a similar muscular frame, and a heart-shaped hole in their torsos. However, Invisibles are much smaller than Darkside, as well as more embellished. They have sharp purple and blue horns that form the outline of a curled heart.

They also have small blue bat-like wings on their back, gold-tipped feathered wings on their forearms, and bluish-purple fireballs under their feet, presumably assisting them in their fast movements and tying into their dark fire attack. Their long tails appear scaly, and end in a sharp, crescent-shaped blade.

Unlike many Heartless , which tend to attack with natural weapons like claws or magic-based powers, the Invisibles bear more conventional weapons. Their scalloped, blue-bladed swords appear blunt at first glance, but can unleash powerful physical blows. Written near the golden hilt on the blade are the kanji for "hard shell".

The Heartless's name references its ability to disappear when using its "Ring of Fire" curse attack.

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