jabberwock s3
Jabberwock s3
a jabberwock s3


5 ft.


130 lbs.



Jabberwock S3 was an experimental biological weapon series produced by an unnamed rival of Umbrella that was also developing B.O.W.s. Drug lord Javier Hidalgo purchased a stock of these some time before the US Government's investigation of him in 2002.

The B.O.W. borrows some attributes from one of Umbrella's failed prototypes, the Bandersnatch , though the properties of the T-Veronica virus have enhanced it, showing numerous similarities to the mutations that Steve Burnside underwent.

It has seven sickle-shaped arms (two of which are of reduced size) that possess unparalleled strength, and in its defensive form it uses these arms to cover its body defending its exposed heart, making bullets mostly useless against it. It has a higher-level intelligence and thus can understand commands, and can carry out its duties under a variety of circumstances

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