a jaggi


3 ft.


40 lbs.



Jaggi are young male members of the Jaggi family, a Bird Wyvern subspecies, and something of a parallel to the "Prey" species of other regions, though notably smaller in size. At this stage in development, Jaggi are mostly pink, with purple foreclaws, back-stripe, and head-frills, and with cream-colored underbellies. Their tails are barbed along the length of the appendage, and they sport sizable frills sprouting from behind their jaws, possibly for making themselves look bigger to other monsters.

Other members of the Jaggi family include the larger female Jaggia , and the pack-leading alpha male Great Jaggi .

Though Jaggi and their kin display a higher functioning level of cooperation than other Raptors, Jaggi are often easily dealt with, even for novice hunters. This is due, in part, to their boisterous nature; Jaggi will often spend just as much time vocalizing bark-like warnings against intruders as they will attacking them.

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