a jaggia


4 ft.


70 lbs.



 Jaggia are female members of the Jaggi family, a Bird Wyvern species, and something of a parallel to the "Prey" species of other regions. Jaggia are noticeably larger and bulkier than the immature males of the species, Jaggi, and are mostly blue-ish purple in hue, the exceptions being orange areas along their limbs and the sides of their necks and cream-colored underbellies. Their tails, unlike males of the species, have no barbs, and instead have a soft feather-like hanging accent near their ends. Their frills, located behind their jaws, are also more subdued than other Jaggi variations, and hang limply.

Other members of the Jaggi family include the young male Jaggi, and the pack-leading alpha male Great Jaggi .

Jaggia and their kin display a higher functioning level of cooperation than other small Bird Wyverns, and are more of a challenge than the smaller Jaggi due to their greater resilience and larger area of attack. They do, however, still spend a nominal amount of time "barking" at threats, and still rarely prove much of a challenge lest a hunter find themselves surrounded. It is also notable that, unlike most other minions, Jaggia are sometimes found sleeping.

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