jelly glee tea
Jelly glee tea
a jelly glee tea


5 ft.


150 lbs.



 The Jelly Glee Tea is a large Unversed with a translucent dome connected to the top of its head. This dome is violet-blue near its top and fades to an opaque, off-white color near its base. It is covered in short, purple spikes and its rim is lined by larger spikes alternating from pale green and blue in color. Inside the dome, several balls of various colors, including purple, tan, orange, and pink, are visible. Four violet-blue, tentacle-like protrusions with pale green tips hang down from the dome. The Jelly Glee Tea's head hangs down from the center of the dome's underside. It is black and enveloped in a translucent, violet-blue membrane. Its red eyes are set in a sorrowful expression and the Unversed insignia is on the back of its head.

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