a jellyshade


3 ft.


80 lbs.


body,poison spores

 Jellyshades come in several different colors defining which element they are weak to, but they all share the same structure. A Jellyshade is a small Unversed with a round head with several short spikes on it. Above its head is a large, rounded cap with a short spike on its tip. All Jellyshades have the same black, heart-shaped face with red eyes set in an angry expression. Their caps all share silver highlights and an Unversed symbol on its front. The four different color variations of Jellyshades include a light brown head with a blue cap, a pink head with a cyan cap, a cyan body with a yellow-green cap, and a light orange body with an orange cap. Jellyshades are able to contort their caps to propel themselves.

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