jersey devil
Jersey devil
a jersey devil


7 ft.


1 ton.



The Jersey Devil (also known as the Leeds Devil) is a creature that has been spotted mostly in New Jersey, and in that area.

The story of the Jersey Devil began when a woman named mother leeds who gave birth to 12 children to a british soldier. She was suspected and accused of witchcraft. On giving birth to her 13th child she cursed him out of anger towards the rest of the townsfolk. When the child was born it had the head of a horse, leatherly bat like wings, horses hooves, and a reptilian like tail. Shortly after beening born the child began terrorizing the townsfolk and feasting on their children. Many townsfolk banded together to try killing the beast but to no success. It turns out that the mothers curse has made it to where her new born child was virtually indestructable. 

Most of the sightings have been near swamps, forests, etc.

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