a jestabocky


3 ft.


50 lbs.



The Dream Eater's name uses the Japanese word for "Ghost " (御化け Obake?). Its name also contains the French word pierrot, which is a stock character in pantomime, denoting a sad clown with a whitened face. It is one of the few Dream Eaters whose design is not based on some sort of animal, though its physical appearance resembles an egg, which is produced by certain animals. The English name is a portmanteau of "jester" and "obake", here romanized as "-abocky".

Jestabockies are small, ghost-clown like Dream Eaters that resemble a jester or a puppet. These Dream Eaters have an egg-shaped body with a white 'skin-tone', red markings that look similar to a vest, and a yellow chest with the Spirit Dream Eater symbol sitting squarely on its chest. Its yellow eyes are oval with black rims. Its overly large tongue is half yellow and half pink, situated in a dark magenta mouth. It has nubby little arms the same color as its 'skin-tone' and equally small, light blue feet. It has a iconic, red jester's hat on its head dotted with light blue and yellow spots. The balls (or bells) on each tip of its hat are blue, yellow, and red striped.

A Nightmare Jestabocky is just a palette-swap of light green-blue "skin-tone" and red, pink, and purple "clothes", as well as red feet. It wears a big jester's hat that is purple with magenta and sea green spots. On the ends of the hat are red and yellowish-green balls or bells. It has a purple colored mouth with a large green and blue tongue. It also has pink and orange cheeks and black rimmed red eyes.

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