kamu orugaron
Kamu orugaron
a kamu orugaron


18 ft.


1 ton.


fangs,claws,wind blasts

 Kamu Orugaron is an enormous black wolf with saber teeth, having a blonde and slightly red mohawk running down its back. It is confirmed that the Orugarons are Pelagus. The Kamu Orugaron is male and often found accompanied by its female counterpart the Nono Orugaron . The pair form a bond much like the Teostra and Lunastra , or the Rathalos and Rathian . Interestingly however, unlike Rathalos and Rathian, Kamu and Nono will often stay with each other throughout the course of their lives. It also seems they can attack almost simultaneously, with either the same move or moves that could cut the hunter off. The Kamu appears to be stronger than the Nono. Kamu can also be hunted on its own, and will very occasionally separate from its partner .

The attacks that can be identified as of now is a wind blast, a spinning move, jumping high and throwing spikes from his back, or jumping on top of the hunter, a forward lunge followed by it turning around and lunging again, a 180 degree bite, and most interestingly, a roar which increases the attack power of each other, while dealing a large amount of damage. The helping nature of this attack could mean that they help each other in more ways than just harming the hunter, say if one was weak, then the other may defend it as it sleeps.

The Orugaron's wind blast are both straight and forward; the difference is that Kamu's blasts have a longer reach. When enraged, Kamu Orugaron emits a strengthening roar, accompanied by a red aura, then its legs and its mohawk turn bright red.

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