kleer skeleton
Kleer skeleton
a kleer skeleton


4 ft.


30 lbs.



Kleers themselves were once creatures that lived peacefully on the Planet Kleer, they existed until Mental dropped ten billion gallons of napalm on their planet, effectively wiping out the entire population. The Kleers were resurrected as skeletons , with their bones held together by magical links. Despite their seemingly frail structure, they are some of the deadliest units of Mental's Horde, and also one of the most common.Kleers appear somewhat humanoid, but only in stature, as their physical properties are very different. They have large sharp horns on their heads, a tail, long scythe-like claws on the ends of their forearms, and hooves on their two hind legs. The resurrected skeleton is held together with magic. Despite this, the strength of the magical bonding is weak. As a powerful enough blow will shatter them.Kleer have a limited number of attacks.

A Kleer will use slash attacks at close range which do low-moderate damage.

When close enough, they can leap at you with great speed which does moderate damage.

When at a distance, they can conjure twin Chainballs one after another in a single direction towards the target.

Chainballs are low-grade, non-tracking projectiles, but cannot be destroyed until they hit an object or travel a certain long distance. However, due to their large size it's easy for them to hit small objects in the way.While a single Kleer is barely a threat, they very rarely come alone aside those ambushing behind corners or triggered as a trap. Most Kleer appear in large groups.Kleer are very fast, it is impossible to outrun a Kleer.A group of Kleers will attempt to mob you, and hurl Chainballs from afar. When there is a large group of Kleers, the number of Chainball projectiles can be very high and extremely difficult to dodge.When a Kleer attempts to leap, it is easy to sidestep the attack, after which the Kleer will be momentarily stunned. However, large groups are difficult to deal with and it's easy to lose track of Kleer that you dodge and they'll then attack you from all angles. Avoid allowing them to use their leap attack if possible. Jumping while sidestepping increases your chances of dodging multiple simultaneous attacks.

When appearing with other enemies, kleer skeletons should be medium-priority targets. Their melee attacks are rather powerful, but they can be dodged with some skill and ranged attacks can be dodged as well with relative ease unless there are a lot of kleers.

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