a kraken


300 ft.


60 tons.



The Kraken has also been discribed as both a giant squid of monstrous proportions and even in some stories as a great island-fish or turtle that masquerades as a land-mass that mysteriously disappears overnight. Also, the legend of the Kraken has even been atributed to sightings of prehistoric remnants of creatures thought extinct, such as the Elasmosaurus , or the Megalodon .

Kraken have been mistaken for North Atlantic giant squid that regularly come up against sperm whales. The problem with this assumption is that the Kraken as a mythological figure is much larger than even the 30-foot long giant squid. However, squids having no skeleton thus no growth limit, some assume that 100 to 150 ft long -or more- specimen could explain all the legends, testimonies and large wounds observed on old sperm whales

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