a lagombi




700 lbs.



lagombi is a monster that is often seen sliding freely in the Tundra area. lagombi is a member of the Fanged Beast Species also known as Pelagus.

It has the physical characteristics of a Rabbit, Bear and Koala. An lagombi' belly is made of a low friction material and is shaped so that it can slide on the snow like a sled. Because of this characteristic, it suggests that the lagombi has adapted (and may be limited) to snowy areas. An lagombi has superb hearing so it can hear even the slightest sound moving in the Tundra. Fortunately, that also leaves it vulnerable to loud noises, such as Sonic Bombs (like Yian Kut-Ku ). It attacks by throwing chunks of ice, swiping with its claws, and sliding around on its belly in order to ram hunters. To traverse from area to area it slides on its belly much like a penguin.

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