large body
Large body
a large body


6 ft.


250 lbs.



Nearly spherical in shape, Large Bodies also have massive arms and hands, short legs, huge feet, and tiny heads. These blue-skinned Heartless are clothed in a purple sleeveless bodysuit edged in gold trim; the trim also laces up the front of the body suit across a Large Body's big belly. Along with black curl-toe shoes and black silver-trimmed pants, Large Bodies also boast a massive manacle in purple and silver on each wrist; three links of chain dangle from each of them, and are used as effective weapons when the Large Bodies swing back and forth in one of their attacks. They are topped off by a high silver collar that covers their lower face, and a tiny silver wizard hat that ends in a traditional Heartless curl. As per many other Heartless, Large Bodies have shadowed faces and yellow eyes.

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