a leprechaun


6 in.


20 lbs.



The Leprechaun is a mischievous magical creature, although it is not malicious. They have a reputation as pranksters, but have never inflicted lasting damage on a Human . Native only to Ireland, they are fully sentient and capable of speech but have never requested the Ministry of Magic to reclassify them as Beings. Green in colour, the Leprechaun reaches a height of around six inches, and normally wear clothing made out of leaves. Leprechauns main diet consists of vegetation, primarily leaves.

Although they are humanoid-like creatures, it is unlikely that they are related to humans or any other human-related beings, such as goblins .

Leprechauns live in forests and wooded areas, and they enjoy attracting Muggle attention to themselves. This tendency has led to them being heavily integrated into Muggle children's stories and legends. Leprechauns have the ability to create a gold-like substance that disappears, much to their amusement, after a few hours. Much of this Leprechaun gold is created in the form of Galleon coins