living bone
Living bone
a living bone


7 ft.


1 ton.



 A Living Bone resembles a large, blue-skinned dinosaur with two short, navy blue legs, each of which has two large, white claws and a red anklet. Its tail is thin and appears to have decayed, leaving only bone segments. The tip of its tail is a large, spherical shape that is navy blue with a wide, jagged, black "mouth", yellow, spiral "eyes", and two short "arms" on it. The Living Bone’s head is also skeletal, sporting horns, glowing, yellow eyes, and large, sharp teeth. Its lower jaw is dark blue, and the rest of its skull is white. It also wears a thick, black collar with teal edges and red bumps lining it. A short, silver chain ending in a red, pyramidal weight hangs from the collar. It is reminiscent of an ankylosaurus due to its body structure, particularly its clubbed tail. Its Heartless emblem is on a large hump on its back.

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