Lord of Change
Lord of Change
a lord of change


30 ft.


350 lbs.


claws,beak, staff, magic

Lords of Change are Tzeentch's greater daemons, fulfilling the role of general in the Daemon hordes of Tzeentch. It is said that those who gaze upon a Lord of Change begin to feel their sanity shred and reason slip away. Treachery, deceit, capriciousness: these are the hallmarks of the Lords of Change. Tzeentch’s greatest servants weave scheme upon scheme, much like their lord, a dense tangle of intermingling threads, so convoluted and eon-spanning that none save Tzeentch himself can grasp their true purpose.

A confrontation with a Lord of Change is likely to occur when and where the creature wills it. Few have ever managed to get the drop on these servants of Tzeentch, for the Changer of Ways is the master of destiny itself, and his greatest servants possess a portion of that power.

Lords of Change appear as towering beings with gangling limbs and are deceptively delicate-looking. Their long, spindly bodies are topped by a savage, cruel avian head, resting on a long, crooked neck. Their hunched shoulders are often draped with what looks like the robes of a priest or wizard from the middle ages. Their bird-like legs are scaly and end in vicious talons; their lanky arms end in clawed hands. Great feathered wings sprout from their shoulder blades, glinting with a thousand impossible colours. Their bones are hollow, and despite their enormous size, they barely seem capable of supporting their own weight, often leaning upon immense staffs, etched with innumerable eldritch signs and sigils.

Most Lords of Change carry long ceremonial staves, which they use to channel their considerable power. These powerful daemonic servants of Tzeentch carry themselves with a regal grace, though when driven to action their savagery is remarkable. Their appearance, however, is yet another ruse: Lords of Change are fearsome fighters, lightning-fast with iron-hard skin.

As the greatest daemonic followers of the mage-lord, Tzeentch, Lords of Change have a large collection of spells, second only to Tzeentch himself, which they can call upon in battle to annihilate thier foes. In addition to their magic, Lords of Change also possess a thorough knowledge of the great feints and fighting techniques of the universe. To face a Lord of Change in battle almost always results in one’s own death; many overzealous warriors have been felled by their vicious claws, curved beaks and reaping staves. Few warriors last long enough to even draw their blade against such a creature, and fewer survive the battle to fight again.

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