los ganados
Los ganados
the los ganados


5 ft.


130-180 lbs.



 Los Ganados were originally humans who became hosts to the mind-controlling Las Plagas parasite. Although marginally less durable than classic zombies, they are infinitely more dangerous, due to their ability to wield weapons and impersonate non-controlled humans.

Unlike zombies, Ganados appear outwardly human and possess much of their intelligence and sentience, being quite capable of speaking and carrying out normal day to day tasks (more complex tasks are beyond them, such as hygiene), but are nonetheless utterly devoted to their master in the form of Osmund Saddler who is able to control the lesser Ganados most likely with the use of high pitched soundwaves issuing from his Plaga-derived staff. Though the usage of soundwaves is merely a theory, there is no debate that Saddler's body houses the 'Control' plaga. Because of Las Plagas, Ganados have little (if any) fear of death or injury as can be seen by their continued attacking of an armed agent with often little more than melee weapons despite the high chance of being shot to death in any encounter.

Although marginally less durable than the classic zombies, injuries which would cripple a normal man do little more than annoy a Ganado due to their superhumanly high pain tolerance while they are seen to be strong enough to throw an adult man over their head with ease. Ganados are also tactically aware and will attempt to surround you, form layered attacking patterns with ranged attackers being defended by the melee attackers, and even attempt to flank or ambush you by creeping around cover to attack from behind. All Ganados carry a Las Plagas organism within them. When a Ganado is injured or killed, a Plaga may manifest from the Ganado's neck, controlling the host body directly until it is itself killed.

There are three main types of Ganados found , all members of the Los Illuminados cult sworn to Osmund Saddler: The Villagers, the monk-like Zealots and Saddler's private Militia.

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