Lurker metro2033
A lurker


3.5 ft.


150 lb.


teeth, claws

Кикимора (Kikimorah), known by the English-speaking community as Lurkers, are a pack-based species of burrowing mutants living deep in the tunnels of the Moscow Metro post-2013. Lurkers are smaller than most mutants, with a hairless body, a distinctive face with an odd jaw and beady eyes. Their skin is pink. Because of their basic body shape, Lurkers are believed to have either evolved from rats, or be a younger version of the Watchers on the surface, making them evolved wolves. However, they prefer the darkness of their tunnels throughout the metro rather than the light on the surface. They possess a second pair of eyes, which are believed to be useless, simply because they are milky white, a sign of blindness.

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