the majini


5 ft.


13-180 lbs.



Majini is the name given to human beings infected by Type 2 Plagas or Type 3 Plagas. The word "majini" is a plural Swahili word, which can refer to any number of supernatural creature (i.e. demons , fairies , genies), but can also mean "wicked people". It is similar to the Japanese word "majin", which has an almost identical definition. In 2009, many residents of the African region of Kijuju were infected by the Plaga, thus becoming Majini.The parasite attaches itself to a human host and is assimilated by the central nervous system. Infected humans lose all rational thinking facilities and are wholly subject to control by another type of Plaga known as control Plaga (usually another infected human). Hosts may lack rational thought function, but they still retain human-level intelligence such as the ability to understand and communicate with each other. They can use tools and are surprisingly crafty when working in groups against an enemy, also they are able to operate motor vehicles and heavy firearms." As they are products of advanced strains of Plagas, they are stronger and more intelligent than Ganados . Unlike the Las Plagas discovered in Europe that was injected into humans during the egg phase, waiting to reach maturity within the host's body, Type 2's infection occurs from a live mature parasite (ensuring immediate control over the host). This requires it to enter the host orally, usually by being forced directly into the potential host's mouth, where it quickly takes over the host by attaching to their central nervous system. Like the Spanish "Ganado," the plaga within the Majini are able to control the mind of the host via the nervous system. They inhabit the spinal column similar to the Ganado Plaga and enter the host's body through the throat

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