me me bunny
Me me bunny
a me me bunny


3 ft.


30 lbs.



The Me Me Bunny's general design is similar to the Unversed Hareraiser and the Heartless Tornado Step , albeit with a rounder body, arms, and legs. The Dream Eater has long ears with something similar to a "paw" at the ends. It has a small spike on its head, a half-circle on its cheeks, and a collar. The Nightmare Me Me Bunny is primarily colored in dark blue and turquoise. The dots on its ears, stripes on the collar and its lower legs are colored purple and the collar's primary color and lines on its cheeks are green. The Dream Eater has red eyes and red-to-orange transition of color on its arms. The Dream Eater symbol is located in its chest and is colored purple.

The Dream Eater's name combines the Japanese word for "ear" (耳 mimi?) and "bunny".

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