Mecha arachnoid
a mecha-arachnoid


7 ft.


210 lbs.



The Mecha-Arachnoid is a large, purple scorpion with miniguns for claws and a laser gun on it's tail. It was created from a scorpion Mental had found in Ancient Egypt. Normally, the Mecha-Arachnoid will fire miniguns, but will occasionally switch to firing a powerful blue laser from its tail. The bullets from the minigun have infinite range, but the miniguns themselves will become less accurate the farther away the target is from the Mecha-Arachnoid. If someone gets close to it, it will smack the target from with the side of it's miniguns.

The Mecha-Arachnoid almost never moves, mostly likely to assure that it'll keep firing it's miniguns.

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