meow wow
Meow wow
a meow wow


4 ft.


180 lbs.



Meow Wows are plump Dream Eaters that resemble a cross between a cat and a dog. As a Spirit, the Meow Wow has a white underbody and muzzle. The top half of its body is blue in color, and its blue ears possess black tips. Its rear end is black, and its stubby black tail has a pink tip. Its legs are black at the bottom with a pink band wrapping around the middle, and a short pink tongue hangs loosely out of its mouth. It has a small purple nose in the shape of an upside-down triangle, and it sports a short pink horn on its forehead. Three yellow spots decorate its sides, and the pupils of its circular black eyes take the shape of yellow crosses. The Spirit Emblem appears on its chest.

As a Nightmare, it has a contrasting color scheme. The top half of its body is black, and the bottom is pink. It has white bands wrapping around its legs with purple paws, and the Nightmare Emblem is located on its chest. The spots are purple in color, as are the tips of its ears. It has red round pupils and a mint green tongue, as well as white muzzle and pale blue horn on its forehead. And lastly possesses a white tail and a black nose.

Meow wow

a meow wow

Meow wow (nightmare)

a meow wow (nightmare

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