a Midogaron


8-10 ft.


950 lbs.-1 ton.



Midogaron is a Pelagus monster and is the Subspecies of the Kamu Orugaron . It is seen to use a very powerful roar, along with fire-based attacks. It resides in the Volcano and Swamp regions.It is well known for its extreme bursts of speed that are beyond most monsters.His speed is so great that he appears to use teleportation across the land when enraged leaving only hairs and a burning hot orange dust from his starting point.Unlike Kamu Orugaron, Midogaron is a lone wolf and a very strong one at that. Though it is known they bother Kamu and Nono pairs from time to time.The majority of his attacks are improvements to Kamu and Nono's attacks and some extreme new ones. New ones include jumping into the air spinning then homing towards one of the hunters in the area to land on them no matter the range even if they are on the complete other side of a wide room, a unusually wide ranged lazy scratch attack when exhausted. a counter attack where if someone hits him he will appear to teleport to the attackers right for only a moment before appearing to teleport again jumping at his attacker.An attack where he charges a fireball in his mouth then appears to teleport behind whoever he chose to be his victim and the range of where this victim could be is unlimited as he will simply appear behind anyone anywhere in the same room and a attack where he jumps into the air at speed appearing to teleport

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