a missionary


4 ft.


150 lbs.


tonfa blades

 He is a tall, humanoid monster that seems to be able to comprehend orders. He wears a sack over his head and a noose around his neck. He also wears a set of robes, much like a butcher's smock, and has bicep-length rubber gloves stained in blood. His weapons of choice are two tonfa-like objects with long blades jutting from the handle.

Added by AlexShepherd

The Missionary attacks with its tonfa-like bladed weapons. He often meanders about, seemingly aimlessly, until he springs an attack. He is fairly lithe and quick-footed for a Silent Hill monster as well. His reflexes are also nearly super-human in quality, as he's able to deflect handgun bullets with his weapons with perfect timing. However, he's still vulnerable to melee and shotgun attacks and these are best used to take him down. Like many other monsters, he is constantly twitching.

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