a monoblos


9 ft.


3 tons.



 Monoblos are large hard-shelled wyverns that have the ability to dig and travel underground. Monoblos were named for the strong, singular horn protruding from their head, which is held as a prize by many hunters, as are their hearts which are very rare. Monoblos are in fact, the only wyvern/monster known to have two, or more, hearts (this suggests that their cousins, the Diablos , might have many hearts as well, but nothing has ever been proven and so is deemed unlikely).

They have a brown, rock-hard texture to their shell. There is a subspecies of the Monoblos known as the White Monoblos which are generally larger in size than their sand coloured counterparts and seen as more dangerous by hunters. Ironically, whilst their ear splitting roar is the bane of hunters they are weak to Sonic Bombs when not in Rage Mode and digging through the ground. It is assumed this is because of the actual shock of the bomb rather than the sound of it (though this is unofficial as of the moment).

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