a mummy


5-6 ft.


130 lbs.



 Mummies are unholy flesh-eating undeads commonly found in Egyptian pyramids and/or tombs. Mummies aren't only found in Egypt, though. They have been found in ancient cities in Peru and other South American countries. If the dead was an evil person in life, he/she is cursed after burial to become an undead mummy if resurected. The most famous case of the mummy's curse was in Egypt, after Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon's discovery of King Tut. Both Carter and Carnavon died days after the discovery.

The undead mummmies consumate the fluids and vital organs of the living to regenarate their decomposed bodies and return to their living and fully empowered form; leaving the victim a saturated skeletal husk. Said victims are often the unfortunate mortals who opened the scripture and/or book which resurected the mummy.

Mummies have many powers provided to them by their cursed nature which only grow stronger as they consume the living. In addition to the strength, speed, movement, and endurance inherent in all immortals, they possess the following supernatural powers:

  • Elemental Control: They can control the earths and the waters.

  • Telekinesis: They can move objects of great mass with only their pure will.

  • Insect Manipulation: They can summon and control insects to do their will; including scarab bettles, flies, and moths.

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