Mutated Bear
Bear metro2033
The mutated bear


7 ft.


550 lb.


teeth, claws

Cubs metro2033

The mutated bear's cubs.

The Mutated Bear is a female bear found living in Moscow 20 years after the 2013 nuclear apocalypse. Unlike most other mutants in the Moscow ruins and metro system, she has changed little (besides an increase in height) from a normal, unmutated bear. She appears to be the mortal enemy of the Watchers. Whilst this article refers to the mother bear herself, she does have cubs, although any other adult bears are yet to be found. The bear is a massive black bear, covered in scars and with an exposed spine. Whether these are from the radiation or previous fights is unknown. While still bear-like in basic, her head is covered in tumorous growths, similar to a Black Librarian and her jaw has been mangled from the same possible causes of her other wounds.

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