a nekker


4 ft.


130 lbs.



Nekkers are known to live in forested areas. They are commonly described as being a lot like smaller, more vicious drowners that can climb trees and dig tunnels. Nekkers live in small tribes, working together to bring down prey. Nekkers are humanoid creatures, with green-grey skin, long claws on each hand, small horns growing out of their heads and clawed feet. The eyes of a nekker are red orbs. Nekker warriors, the leaders of the tribes, are larger and have red clay on their faces, to mark themselves as the chieftain.


  • Numbers - Nekkers always attack in groups, usually led by warriors.
  • Claws - The claws of a nekker, coupled with their speed and numbers, can usually rip a full-grown human, elf or dwarf to shreds should they enter the forest without proper preparations.
  • Speed - Nekkers are a lot faster than a human, able to catch most fleeing prey quickly


  • Silver - Nekkers, like drowners, rotfiends and certain other monsters, have a weakness to silver, such as a witcher's monster-slaying sword.
  • Grapeshot bombs - While all bombs used by hunters and witchers are effective against nekkers, grapeshot bombs stand alone as they are the only bomb that can destroy a nekker's nest.

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