a nibelsnarf


6 ft.


500 lbs.


teeth,sand spit

 nibelsnarf is a desert Leviathan That are capable of burrowing into the sand and of disguising themselves as

sand dunes to ambush hunters.

It shows superficial similarities to Gobul , and may be closely related. It can swim in the sand just like Piscine Wyverns. They are seen preying on Rhenoplos , using their powerful jaws to crush their shells. They harbor a weak spot within their mouths that hunters can reach. Attacks demonstrated include sand spewing, charging and a leaping bite.

It has the ability to use a "Wind Tunnel" attack by means of a specialised organ that expels sand and debris swallowed along with its prey. The nibelsnarf can move while using this attack, in a manner similar to high-rank Gravios . The "Wind Tunnel" causes Waterblight. It can also expel a large sand cloud from the purple and red flaps on the back of its head.

If nibelsnarf is staggered while it is submerged, it will be trapped similar to the effect of a sonic bomb on Diablos . During this state, you can pull it out of the ground, causing him to flip over like Gobul when it is fished out. After this, nibelsnarf will use a spinning attack on the hunter and break out of the ground. While enraged, the nibelsnarf will huff sand from its nose.

nibelsnarf will devour bombs placed along its movement trail. Once it swallows the said bomb, it will be stunned by the bomb when it explodes inside the monster. While staggered, it can be fished out to give more time to attack. Failure to pull it out from the ground after a certain peroid of time will allow it to spin, striking nearby hunters and doing considerable damage in the process.

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