a novistador


4 ft.


70 lbs.


claws,acid spit

Novistadors were large, insectoid creature.

Novistadors are found in two forms at three locations within Ramon Salazar's Castle. When killed, Novistadors provide "eye" stones of three colors (red, blue, and green), which can be combined with the Butterfly Lamp for greater resale value (32.000 with all colored eyes).

you can encounter the Novistadors in the sewers below Salazar's castle. The Novistadors which attack here are flightless, but have a remarkable chameleon-like ability to turn invisible, giving them absolute stealth. Fortunately, their glowing eyes, dripping acid and an outline of fog reveal their positions, allowing them to be detected.Additionally, one can tell if a Novistador is on the hunt when a loud "thud" sound is heard when it drops down to the floor and it's heavy footsteps pounding the floor as it closes in. They attack with a series of swipes, kicks and grabs. When a Novistador grabs onto you, they will vomit a highly corrosive liquid over your head. If you don’t shake the novistador off, the Novistador will kill you by melting your face.

In both cases, these creatures lacked their predecessors' camouflage ability but instead gained wings to compensate. Whether these two creatures are developing stages of the same monster or different breeds entirely was never stated. The flying Novistadors are notably less durable than the others, and can be killed with a few handgun shots while airborne.

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