numb body
Numb body
a numb body


6 ft.


180 lbs.



 The Numb Body is a relatively featureless, bipedal creature that appears in various sizes. they, resemble tadpole-like creatures covered in bluish, pale skin which splits and cracks constantly. It moves with only two legs, which end in deformed, toe-like digits. Their heads only have a single hole in it, from which they presumably see, and nothing else. They make moaning sounds similar to an infant's cries, especially after being struck down. The larger ones make more of a roar than a cry, showing they have grown stronger. They parallel the Grey Children

They are not very dangerous alone, simply attacking by ramming their heads into you. However, they have a tendency to appear in numbers and will quickly surround you as you deal with them one at a time The larger variants aren't much more dangerous, though they both give and take slightly more damage, making them harder to kill..

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