an odeibatorasu


24 ft.


20 tons.


back cannon,feet,tail

It lives in the Desert, is covered by a protective shell, and can manipulate the sand with its roars. It is capable of firing projectiles from a cannon-like structure on its back. Judging by its appearance the Odeibatorasu is distantly related to Akantor and Ukanlos .Odeibatorasu appears to be a dominant predator in its habitat; it can be seen preying on an Akura Vashimu or causing a herd of Apceros and Genprey to flee in a stampede.

Odeibatorasu's shell appears to raise and lower with certain attacks, most notably when it fires sand into the air with its main cannon.

Though Odeibatorasu is similar to Akantor and Ukanlos, there are some differences that sets it apart:

Odeibatorasu's teeth appear to be more herbivore-like than its counterparts, who sport carnivore-like teeth even though it itself is carnivorous.

The range of Odeibatorasu's Tail Sweep is considerably larger due to excess sand being swept across during this attack.

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