an ogre


10 ft.


1 ton.



Ogres are creatures that patrol woodlands in search of humans to eat. They are very dangerous, and if sighted, one should flee before it sees its new prey. Ogres sometimes kill for enjoyment. Some say ogres are smart while others say they are stupid. Smart or stupid they are lazy and vain, which can kill them if they are not careful. Their powers include supernatural strength and durability. They can also shapeshift into anything they have seen before. It does not matter if the creature is smaller or bigger than them, whether it be as small as a fly or as big as a giant , they will change into them. In some physical descriptions they have horns and fangs. They are related to Troll and Giant and questionably the Japanese being Oni. Some people have doubts on the relation between ogres and oni’s because ogres are from this material world while oni’s are from Diyu (Hell), an immaterial plane

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