an ooze


5 ft.


150 lbs.



Researchers gave them the name Ooze because they look like bloated corpses. Ooze are most skilled at appearing in unexpected places. They use the flexibility of their body to move through various cracks or gaps to chase their prey. Their movement pattern is unpredictable. Their behavior patterns are believed to be rooted in instinctive desire, based on the drying up of liquid. This is thought to be due to unusual consumption of body fluids during the spread of T-Abyss throughout the body.

They don't eat flesh, but rather drink the blood of their victims, to replenish their body fluids. T-Abyss infected persons and zombies differ on this point. The leech-like organ inside their mouths is an evolved tongue for sucking blood. After capturing their prey, the Ooze bite into their victims with their tongue and drain the body fluids.

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