orange espinas
Orange espinas
an orange espinas


15 ft.


30 tons.



 The Orange Espinas is a sub-species of Espinas . It has an orange-brown carapace with red claws, horns, brown wings and it is well-known for its Rage Mode, when yellowish colours spread across its body. It has unique weapons and armor variants of the original. It appears to be more aggressive than its green counterpart, as it has the ability to charge its attacks for serious damage.

Its most dangerous attack is charging a fireball then releasing it in a huge purple blast. This is almost always instantly fatal.

Now when it is in Rage Mode, its marks will glow greenish-yellow. It also gained a new attack in which it shoots a giant poison fireball into the air followed by several poison fireballs raining down, similar to Crimson Fatalis ' "Meteor Shower" attack.

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