an Other


6 ft.


300 lbs.



The Others are a race of humanoid creatures that make their home in the far north of the continent of Westeros, far beyond the Land of Always Winter beyond the Wall. Known to the wildlings as White Walkers, they are considered mythical by most people of Westeros.

The Others are tall, slim humanoids with cold blue eyes and chalk white skin. It is unknown whether they bring the cold and darkness with them, or if they simply choose to show themselves only when it's cold and dark.  They wear reflective armour, which has been described as being eerily beautiful and changing hue depending on how the light catches it, and wield thin, crystal swords.

The Others have the ability to return creatures they slay to life as wights. These wights do not appear to need food or rest and can operate with purpose and some rudimentary intelligence. Unlike the Others themselves, their wights are able to cross the Wall. Their swords and touch can freeze and shatter any object. They also possess superhuman strength.

The Watchers have so far only appeared at night and in times of great cold. This has led to a belief that they are vulnerable to fire, in particular, extreme heat such as a dragon's breath or sunlight. However, sunlight is only a theory, as they have never been seen in the light to test it. Legends persist that they are vulnerable to "dragonsteel", which may refer to Valyrian steel blades. Currently, the only proven weakness is towards obsidian.

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