a pendulum


7 ft.


140 lbs.



 A Pendulum has the appearance of two human torsos split in half and connected at their hips by a metal device. Their arms are tied and bandaged behind their backs, with each torso facing the opposite direction of the other, and a pair of stilt-like, bladed legs sprout from the center of the mechanical device. It also has a blade attached to each of its heads and rotates its torso (like a pendulum) while it moves in an attempt to cut. They make a noisy screeching sound similar to the sound of grinding metal.

They float in mid-air, slowly converging on your location where they'll slash at her with their weapons. They are very difficult to deal with in melee, and firearms are the preferred method of disposing of them. A smaller, faster version of these creatures exists in the sewers, where they skitter across the ground nipping at your feet. They are somewhat dangerous because they hide in dark areas, but their noisiness can help you acknowledge their presence. Another variant of these creatures can be found outside in South Vale, walking on their 'legs' rather than floating

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