plague crawler
Plague walker
a plague crawler


3 ft.


50 lbs.



The Plague Crawler was an early attempt at creating a Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) from arthropod specimens, namely insects.An experimental form of arthropod-based bio-weapon created by Umbrella co-founder Dr. James Marcus, the Plague Crawler was part of his early trials with a newly-created variant of the Progenitor virus known as "t".They were created by manipulating the genes of various insects with the virus. They were considered unfit for heavy combat due to their lack of intelligence and control, and so were subsequently disposed of. However, a few of the specimens survived and managed to procreate outside unnoticed, even as far as Raccoon City itself. Several of the surviving Plague Crawlers were later encountered by S.T.A.R.S. recruit Rebecca Chambers and ex-lieutenant Billy Coen during their exploration around the site. Others that escaped annihilation were purchased by Javier Hidalgo in the 21st century as low-cost bioweapons. These B.O.W.s were last seen during Operation: Javier in the 2002 Amazon rainforest by Leon Kennedy; Jack Krauser and Manuela Hidalgo when Javier had them captive in his torture/prison chamber where countless victims met their demise by these creatures. Plague Crawlers can approach two meters in length, and attack their with large pincers and violent lunging.They prefer dark and wet places as their habitat, with many living in the upper levels of the Umbrella Management Training Facility.

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