a plaguebearer


7 ft.


450 lbs.



Plaguebearers are the daemonic warriors of Nurgle. They also serve as the "Tallymen of Nurgle," eternally bound to record all of their Lord of Decay’s pestilential creations. Many believe that Plaguebearers are in fact created by such diseases, incubating within plague victims and feeding upon their dying energies, only to later fully emerge from their heaped bodies. In truth, these loathsome creatures are only created from the souls of mortals who have been killed by the plague known as Nurgle's Rot. Despite their appearance, Plaguebearers are supernaturally resilient, the gifts of Nurgle having made them extremely tolerant to all forms of pain.

Plaguebearers are shambling, pustulent creatures with gangling, bony limbs. Their bodies are swollen with decay, so much so that glistening innards are exposed through rents in their skin. They possess a single, cyclopean eye and a single horn rising above their haggard, drawn faces. Their bodies are covered in filth and parasites. Plaguebearers are constantly surrounded by clouds of droning flies and chant monotonous hymns, their gait a staggering lope. They attempt to keep count of the number of noxious plagues unleashed by Nurgle; an impossible task, for the Grandfather of Plagues constantly invents new strains of viruses.



Plagueridden are unit commanders, akin to a human sergeant. Unlike their equivalent in other gods armies, there is no chance of a Plagueridden being advanced into one of the host's cavalry ranks, as Nurgle's forces don't have any daemonic mount amongst them.

Heralds of NurgleEdit

Some mortals are more resistant to the ravages of Nurgle's Rot than others. These people create an unusually long incubation periods, resulting in larger, tougher Plaguebearers. These are the Heralds of Nurgle, commanders of the daemon hordes of Nurgle when a Great Unclean One isn't around to lead himself.

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